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So i’m deleting most of my other blogs, i’m just gonna keep 2 inactive and occasionally update my new one from time to time. I didn’t want to reply to EVERY message I got so sorry if I didn’t. I read them all. Long story short, i’m dealing with alot of things & it’s to distracting having these Tumblrs so i’m making almost all of them inactive, i’ve seen many other users do the same and didn’t understand why till now. After 2 years i’ve met some interesting and cool people on here and i’ve had some cool moments i’m, kinda glad about it. Here’s the link to my blog i’ll randomly update>  otherwise the rest are deleted or inactive. If I ever start up again down the road sweet, if not take it easy everyone.

One of my favorite blogs, farewell!

Asked by Anonymous

Thanks, same to you.


Asked by habrocomes

Everythings fine, not the end of the world. I’ll just keep it up. Stay happy.

I wish you well then. I hope everything gets better for you!

Asked by arc-ax

Thanks, i’ll just leave it up then for you guys to still see my content. If I come back on then cool. I’ll probably update my other blog every now & then otherwise i’m just gonna make my other one’s inactive.

Why if I may ask? I thoroughly enjoy your blog. It'll be one huge miss if you do.

Asked by arc-ax

I’m just dealing with alot of shit in my life and tumblr just makes it abit worse, not to mention it’s been insanely inactive the last 2 months. if any of you wanna have it idc. but after almost 2 years,im kinda done with it.

why? If I may ask

Asked by marnuc

Not to sound rude but idc to explain, I suppose I can just say for “personal reasons”. Waste of time, nuff said. I’ll keep it up for a sentimental basis if you want but I doubt ill be on again.

To anyone that ‘might’ give a shit. I’m probably gonna delete this Tumblr pretty soon. Just saying so you arn’t confused when it’s gone. k


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